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Vickers M41 Photoplan Microscope

Vickers M41 Photoplan Microscope
Microscope Systems ▪ Vickers M41 Photoplan Microscope
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- Brand: Vickers
- Model: M41
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The M41 PHOTOPLAN is a complete research photographic microscope. This scope is equipped with a coincidence micrometer which displays the distance measured in microns on the digital filar readout. It is one of the most unique measurement techniques/systems we have ever inspected. Actual item shown. Sold as pictured.
We have performed mechanical testing of the item only.  Equipment has been power-on tested. No operational testing has been performed.

Lamp modules are operational.
3 objective lenses are installed, 4 lens capacity turret.
X, Y, Z and tilt controls are operational
Lamp power supply powers on.
Coincidence Micrometer powers on.
Dual 4 position filter disks installed in each light module, but filters are installed.


Manufacturer Description

The Vickers M41 Photoplan microscope offers an unexcelled degree of versatility, combined with good photographic stability and comfort in use. Every feature of the instrument has been designed to allow complete interchangeability of components. The M41 is whatever you wish to make it: a fluorescence microscope, a micro-hardness tester, a surface finish interferometer - any one of a number of sophisticated tools - or simply a hard working routine microscope.


Physical Condition Good
Working Condition Good

Camera adapter (no camera).

Phototube with 1.0X, 1.25X and 1.6X viewing/photography options.

Trinocular Viewing Head.

(2) 10X WF (wide field) Comp. Eyepieces.

Vickers Coincidence Micrometer.

Semprex stage 12" x 7" with 5.5 x 5.5" insert for glass.

Stage mount which has a tilt feature.

Beam focussing lens mounted on it's own stage under the main stage w/ independent tilt adjustments.

Two light sources, one for transmitted light and one for reflected light, each lamp has two built in filter wheels which can hold up to four filters each.

Vickers Digital Filar Readout unit, set up for metric.