The ATS100 series motor-driven linear stages provide the high resolution and repeatability required for a broad array of industrial applications. ATS100 series stages employ a precision-ground ball screw, which is pre-loaded to eliminate backlash, and its nut has wipers to prevent contamination and maintain high accuracy throughout the life of the stage. High-quality, pre-loaded duplex bearings are used to eliminate axial play. The base of the stage uses 1/4-20 inch screws.


  • ATS100: Motor Driven Linear Stage, precision-ground ball screw
  • 50: 50mm (2in) travel stage with limits
  • 20P: 2 mm/rev precision-ground ball screw

The linear stage uses a 101SMB2-HM (SM Motor Option), with a length of 84.3mm (3.32 in).

Motor Specifications:

  • OZ-IN: 90
  • Amps/Phase: 4.6
  • OHMS/Phase: .48
  • Poles: 50
Physical Condition Good
Testing Condition Untested
Dimensions 14" x 4" x 2 1/2" (including motor)
Weight 6lb 11oz
Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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Aerotech ATS100-050-20P Linear Stage, 2 Inch Travel, 2mm/rev Ground Ball Screw

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