This item is a data quality analyzer manufactured by Anritsu. The analyzer is capable of doing the six standard tests: throughput, latency, frame loss rate, back-to-back frame, system recovery and reset. All of which the results are displayed on the screen graphically or in table form. Anritsu focused on improving their analyzers through the automation and efficiency of these tests.

The MD1230A is also capable of QoS performance tests, BGP4 link/route flap tests (maximum of 8 devices) and SONET/SDH APS switching tests. This item has a variety of other features that can be seen from the manufacturers description. This specific module has the two options MD1230A-02 and MD1230A-03 which gives the analyzer a GPIB controller and an ethernet controller. It also contains an accessory box that had the standard equipment (being the front cover, power cord and side cover); along with the optional accessory, a mouse (item Z0541A).

The item is in very good condition with minor cosmetic wear. No module cards came with the unit, but the slots are protected by covers provided by the manufacturer. 


Picture is from the manufacturers manual, it is for reference only. Not all parts shown in picture are included.

Sync clock input                           Frequency
      64 kHz + 8 kHz ±50 ppm, 2.048 MHz ±50 ppm, 1.544 MHz           ±50 ppm, 2.048 Mbit/s ±50 ppm, 1.544 Mbit/s ±50 ppm
      2M: ITU-T G.703 Table 10, HDB3
      1.5M: B8ZS, AMI ANSI T1.403
Level (64k): 0.63 to 1.1 Vo-p
Code (64k): AMI with 8 kHz violation 
      BNC (75 Ω): 2 MHz, 2 Mbit/s
      Siemens (120 Ω, balanced): 2 MHz, 2 Mbit/s, 64 kHz + 8 kHz
      Bantam (100 Ω, balanced): 1.5 MHz, 1.5 Mbit/s
Trigger output  Level: TTL (active high), impedance: 75 Ω (BNC)
Trigger input Usable as capture buffer trigger
Level: TTL (Active high), connector: 75 Ω (BNC)
Sync I/O MD1230A time sync signal, impedance: 75 Ω (BNC) 
Interfaces RS-232C, GPIB (Option 02), Ethernet (10BASE-T/100BASE-TX), USB port x 2 , PS/2 keyboard connector, GPS antenna (option 05), video output (VGA)
Built-in memory Measurement conditions: 10 sets, Measurement results: 10 sets
External storage  3.5" FDD
OS Windows® 98 Second Edition
Auto test RFC2544 Tests (throughput, latency, frame loss rate, back-to-back frame, system recovery, reset)
Traffic monitor Ethernet frame count for max. 64 flow, IP packet count for max. 64 flow, frame count for each protocol
Traffic map Ethernet data flow for max. 64 flow, IP data flow for max. 64 flow
LEDs Power fail, errors, alarms, remote, local, HDD, power
Dimensions and mass 320 (W) x 177 (H) x 350 (D) mm, ≤15 kg (excluding options and modules)
Power supply 85 to 132 Vac/170 to 250 Vac (auto switching), 47.5 to 63 Hz, ≤530 VA
Relative humidity 0˚ to +40˚C (except when HDD or FDD are active.)
EMC EN61326: 1997/A1: 1998 (Class A), EN61000-3-2: 1995/A2: 1998 (Class A), EN61326: 1997/A1: 1998 (Annex A)
LVD EN61010-1: 1993/A2: 1995 (Installation Category ll, Pollution degree 2)
Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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Anritsu Data Quality Network Analyzer MD1230A (Opts 02, 03)

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  • Brand: Anritsu
  • Model: MD1230A
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