The signalling tester monitors the communication between MS and BS for efficient trouble shooting. It acts as a base station simulator as it supports L1 and L2 sequences by being able to edit the L3 protocol sequence (which controls L1 and L2). It gives information by monitoring the communication between the MS and signalling tester. The MD8480B contains 3 solutions. It is able to confirm modulation and demodulation parts of the MS, confirm the protocol sequence between MS and BS and even simulate applications. It can simulate the following applications: AMR voice test, user data test, IP packet test, PPP packet test, ISDN test and communications between two MS. This signalling tester also has the ISDN option. It is in excellent condition and comes with a variety of accessories including a phone line (RJ45), test phone, BNC test cable, power cable, DB9 cable and other wires. See pictures for exact items. Tester in excellent condition.

Modules included:

  • MU848051A CPU
  • (2) Bridge Board
  • MU848053A Rx Baseband
  • MU848055A ISDN
  • MU848056A Voice Codec
  • MU848057A Frame Coder
  • MU848058 Tx Baseband
  • MU848052A Frame Decoder
  • MU848059A Timing Generator


Please contact us for details if you are interested in this item. Let us know if you would like specific tests performed, or additional pictures of the unit. We are not experts on this type of equipment, and will provide information to the best of our ability.


Basic Functions
1) Transmitting Downlink signal
2) Receiving Uplink signal
3) Basic Signalling (making a call, e.t.c.)
4) Inner loop Power Control (TPC)
5) BLER measurement (the external BER counter is required to measure
6) Soft Handover

Not all module cards mentioned in table are included. Table is for reference only. 

Warranty 90-Day Warranty

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Anritsu W-CDMA Signalling Tester, MD8480B (Bridge Boards)

  • Item ID: 250941
  • Brand: Anritsu
  • Model: MD8480B
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • $780.00

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