System includes everything pictured: Barber-Colman series 2404 programmable controllers, and Applied Test Systems silicon carbide furnace 3410 series. With vertical frame and lift. Hi Temp, Silicon Carbide, 3-Zone Vertical box Furnace/Oven, 19800 Watts, 128V, Amp/Zone 515, Max Temp 1540C. Manufactured in 2002. 

Contact us for questions or additinal pictures, or if you would like specific tests performed prior to purchasing.

Furnace includes stainless steel collar connected directly to bottom of furnace, with what appears to be cooling lines. Matching stainless steel cap connected to motorized vertical lift.

Both the ATS 2404 Temperature Control System and the ATS 3410 silicon carbide furnace were manufactured May 2002 (as labeled) in order to work with one another. The temperature control system is programmable and has the ability to control single and multizone furnaces. It has a very high stability control, while containing four programs with 16 ramp/dwell segments each. The controller has a lot to offer with some of its notable features being:

- Heating and cooling functionality
- Operation and Load Diagnostics
- Heater Current Display
- Multiple Alarm Outputs
- Digital Communications

         The controller system also came with the High-Limit Alarm Unit (Series 2204) installed. A very reliable high-limit controller to help protect the furnace from any over-temperature conditions. It is known for being highly stable, rapid responses, high noise immunity and a large range of temperature sensor inputs. Inside the controller are three general purpose transformers and three Kanthal Super 33's (PC-480-30) control boxes. See specifications for more details on the control system. 

        The ATS 3410 Series Furnace/Oven is highly customized with many additional features added to it. It uses a silicon carbide tube and is designed to heat up gradually for high efficiency. It has a maximum temperature of 1540C and uses a silicon carbide (SiC) "rammed rod" type heating elements which are known to be more efficient, long lasting elements. We are unsure on which elements this furnace was designed to be used with, especially since the manufacturer provided a variety of options in order to build orders to the persons desire, even to go as far as making custom designs. This furnace is particular has a very unique design. It contains a Parker motorized stage that allows you to control how far the element goes into the oven by moving the stage up and down. The motorized stage is 45 inches in length and 16 inches in width and uses a 1.8 degree stepper motor (Model 0S21B-SNL10 Bipolar Series). The base that lifts the material in to the furnace is 24 inches by 19 inches and has an opening (for the material) that has an inner diameter of ~six inches. The opening to the furnace is also quite large compared to the original size. The opening has an inner diameter of about 7 1/2 inches and an outer diameter of about 10 inches. Instead of a cylinder shape, the entire design of the furnace is more of a box with a cage-like shell. The furnace is supported by large metal brackets and stand.  

When looking inside of the furnace, a small crack was found on the third column. We don't expect it to affect the functionality, but we can't be sure. For any additional pictures or information, please feel free to call and we do the best of our abilities to answer questions. Both of the items are in good condition. We don’t know how to test the system, and are offering it As-Is.

Physical Condition Good
Working Condition Untested
Testing Condition Untested
Warranty As-Is

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Applied Test Systems (ATS) Vertical Furnace/Oven 3410 w/Complete Temp Control

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  • Brand: Applied Test Systems
  • Model: 3410
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