The CO-550 CO Level Indicator is a micro-processor controlled Carbon Monoxide Detector which uses state of the art sensor technology to indicate the level of CO present via an eight segment LED bargraph display.

The unit is self-calibrating and benefits from an extremely reliable, long life cell. To achieve this long life and also ensure accuracy of reading the CO level indicator employs a "pulsed reading technique" in which the unit reads the level of CO at the sensor head every 10 seconds and then "purges" itself between reading to ensure a clean sensor. Unlike most other Carbon Monoxide detectors the CO level indicator is not cross sensitive to other gases, also the sensor is temperature compensated therefore heat will not unduly affect the readings. Slowly move the tester around the top and vents of the appliance ensuring that you pause for at least 10 seconds at every suspected leakage point. A spillage test of this nature should take at least 60 seconds.

The level of carbon Monoxide present will be indicated on the 8 segment LED. If the reading obtained is greater than 50 ppm the audible alarm will sound and safety checks should be carried out on the appliance and flue to determine the cause of the CO.

1st Green 'Sys' Battery Good
2nd Green Less than 50ppm (parts per million)
1st Amber Greater than 50ppm
2nd Amber Greater than 100ppm
3rd Amber Greater than 150ppm
1st Red Greater than 200ppm
2nd Red  Greater than 250ppm
3rd Red Greater than 300ppm

Effects of Carbon Monoxide on the Human Body

Conecntration of CO in the air Inhalation time and toxic symptoms developed
50ppm Safety Level as specified by Health and Safety
200ppm Slight headache within 2-3 hours
400ppm Slight Headache within 2-3 hours
800ppm Frontal headache within 1-2 hours becoming widespread in 3 hours
1,600ppm Headache, Dizziness, Nausea, Convulsion within 45 minutes, Insensible in 2 hours
6400ppm Headache, Dizziness in 1-2 minutes, Death in 10-15 minutes
12,800ppm Death in 1-3 minutes


Warranty 90-Day Warranty

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A.W. Sperry (CO) Level Indicator, Carbon Monoxide Detector CO-550 (New)

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