A.W. Sperry DM-12 20 Range 6 Function Digital Multimeter. LARGE STOCK! Contact us for quantity discounts greater than 100 units.

New-Surplus equipment. We purchased a large quantity of New & Unused AW Sperry handheld test equipment. All sold in the original manufacturer's packaging, with some having slight scuffs and scrapes on outer packaging due to moving and storage. Condition of packaging does not in any way affect the functionality of the unit. Some packages have been opened for testing purposes prior to shipping.

Check out our entire stock of Sperry meters, testers, thermometers, and more. Also sold under the name of IDEAL Industries as found at Home Depot, Lowe's and other home improvement stores.

Brand New and in the original manufacturer's packaging

 --- Range DC Accuracy AC Accuracy Input Impedence Maximum Input
Voltage 320mV +/- 1.2% rdg+1d N/A > 1000MΩ 600VDC/600VAC rms
  3.2V +/- 0.8% rdg+1d +/- 2.0% rdg+4d 11M0.1A/250V fuse 600VDC/600VAC rms
  32V +/- 1.2% rdg+1d +/- 2.0% rdg+4d 10MΩ 600VDC/600VAC rms
  320V +/- 1.2% rdg+1d +/- 2.0% rdg+4d 10MΩ 600VDC/600VAC rms
  600V +/- 1.2% rdg+1d +/- 2.0% rdg+4d 10MΩ 600VDC/600VAC rms


--- Range Resolution Accuracy Test Condition Input Protection
Capacitance 32µF 10nF +/-5.0% rdg+10d 3.0Vdc 10.7Hz 0.1A/250V fuse
  320µF 100nF +/-5.0% rdg+10d 3.0Vdc 10.7Hz 0.1A/250V fuse
  32mF 10µF +/-5.0% rdg+10d 3.0Vdc 10.7Hz 0.1A/250V fuse


--- Range Resolution Accuracy Test Current Input Protection
OHM 320Ω 100mΩ +/- 2.0% rdg+3d < 0.7mA 500VDC/500VAC rms
  3.2kΩ 1Ω +/- 1.5% rdg+3d <0.13mA 500VDC/500VAC rms
  32kΩ 10Ω +/- 1.5% rdg+3d < 13µA 500VDC/500VAC rms
  320kΩ 100Ω +/- 1.5% rdg+3d < 1.3µA 500VDC/500VAC rms
  3.2MΩ 1kΩ +/- 2.5% rdg+3d < 0.13µA 500VDC/500VAC rms
  32MΩ 10kΩ +/- 5.0% rdg+5d < 0.13µA 500VDC/500VAC rms


Diode Test 0-2000 1mV +/-10% rdg+2d 0.5mA (Vf = 0.6V) 500V DC or AC rms


--- Range Resolution Audible Indication Test Current Input Protection
Continuity Check 320Ω 100mΩ < approx. 20Ω < 0.7mA 500V DC or AC rms


Display: 3 1/2 digit liquid crystal display (LCD) with a maximum reading of 3200

Analog Bar Graph: 34 Segments with measurements 12 times per second

Polarity: Automatic, (-) negative polarity indication

Overrange: "OL" mark indication

Measurement Rate: 2 times per second, nominal

Operating Environment: 0C to 50C

Fuse: Miniature glass type, 0.1A/250V, 5x20mm, Fast Acting

Battery: Single Standard 9V battery

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A.W. Sperry DM-12 Autorange 6 Function Digital Multimeter (New)

  • Item ID: 250789
  • Brand: A.W. Sperry
  • Model: DM-12
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New-Surplus
  • $15.90

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