This is a non-contact, passive device which indicates a pass/fail state when in the presence of microwave radiation that exceeds the safety threshold, over 5mW/cm2. The unit uses a diode and a resistor. The diode is energized by the radiation and converted to an electrical signal that moves the needle from green to red. It does not move incrementally or gradually based on different values of radiation. It is specifically pass/fail and the needle indicator only displays in two states: green (safe) or red (danger). No battery required.

The SMW-2A is only a warning device and is not suitable for laboratory or scientific work. All microwaves may have some level of safe radiation leakage. This device is only intended to demonstrate when the leakage is in excess of 5mW/cm2 and detects in a range of 0-10m2/cm2.

Do not place this meter into the microwave oven at any time.

A.W. Sperry SMW 2A Handheld Microcheck. LARGE STOCK! Contact us for quantity discounts greater than 100 units.

New-Surplus equipment. We purchased a large quantity of New & Unused AW Sperry handheld test equipment. All sold in the original manufacturer's packaging, with some having slight scuffs and scrapes on outer packaging, due to moving and storage. Condition of packaing dose not in any way affect the functionality of the unit. Some packages have been opened for testing purposes prior to shipping.

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Brand New and in the original manufacturer's packaging


Range: 0-10 millwatt per square centimeter Mid-Scale calibrated to 5 milliwatt per square centimeter. Detects down to 0.5 milliwatt per square centimeter.

Range: 0-10 milliwatt per square centimeter
Midscale calibrated to 5 milliwatt per centimeter. Detects down to 0.5 milliwatt per square centimeter.

Microwave Frequency: 2450Mhz nominal

Dimensions (HxWxD): 4 x 1¾ x 1 inches; 100x45x23 mm
Weight: 1.2 oz; 30 g

Note: Model SMW-2A MICRO-CHECK is a warning device only. It is not suitable for laboratory.

Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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A.W. Sperry SMW-2A Microwave Oven Leak Tester

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  • Brand: A.W. Sperry
  • Model: SMW-2A
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