Copper Cable Testers & Tools

Copper Cable Testers & Tools

Wire copper cable sorters, tone tracers and generators, cable strippers, voltage detectors, circuit testers, used/new/refurbished/surplus/second-hand/pre-owned.

Contact us with your questions, request additional pictures, or details on specific tests you wish performed prior to making a purchase. All items include a 14-Day ROR (Right of Return) and up to a 3-month return or exchange warranty, so feel free to return it within two weeks if you're not completly satisfied, and without incuring a restocking charge.

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A.W. Sperry 150SP - Copper Cable Testers & Tools

A.W. Sperry Inductive Probe Tone Tracer, 150SP

A.W. Sperry 150SP Tracer Inductive Probe. The unit does not come in the original manufacturer packaging. Quantity discou..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


A.W. Sperry VH-601A - Copper Cable Testers & Tools

A.W. Sperry Non-Contact Voltage Detector, 100-600v - VH-601A

A.W. Sperry VH-601A Wire Cable Voltage Locator Detector LARGE STOCK!  New-Surplus equipment. We purchased a large ..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


A.W. Sperry PF-2A - Copper Cable Testers & Tools

A.W. Sperry PF-2A Pipe Cable Wire Finder Metal Detector

A.W. Sperry PF 2A Pipe Finder. LARGE STOCK! Contact us for quantity discounts greater than 100 units. New-Surplus equip..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


A.W. Sperry 61-511 - Copper Cable Testers & Tools

IDEAL/Sperry 61-511 Circuit Tester, Receptacle Hazardous Ground, Stop Shock

LARGE STOCK! Contact us for quantity discounts. IDEAL/Sperry 61-511 receptacle hazardous ground & circuit tester, Sto..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


Jonard Tools JIC-1022 - Fiber Strippers

Jonard JIC-1022 Wire Stripper and Cutter

Manufacturer's Description: The JIC-1022 Wire Stripper and Cutter is designed to strip and cut the most commonly used s..

  • Condition: New


A.W. Sperry CX-101 - Scissors & Kevlar Cutters

A.W. Sperry CX-101 2 Blade Coaxial Cable Stripper

A.W. Sperry CX101 Rotory Coaxial Coax Cable Stripper. LARGE STOCK!  Quantity discounts. The CX-101 quickly and easily..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


AMP Netconnect N/A - Copper Cable Testers & Tools

AMP Telephone Line Stripper

Convenient, portable and lightweight, this telephone line stripper fits in a pocket. A must have for every telephone lin..

  • Condition: Used


A.W. Sperry 61-530 - Copper Cable Testers & Tools

Ideal/Sperry Wire Sorter, Cable Identifier #61-530

The wire sorter economically and easily sorts up to 6 single or 6 pair of un-powered wires with or without known groundp..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


A.W. Sperry CX-103 - Scissors & Kevlar Cutters

New A.W. Sperry CX-103 Coaxial Cable Stripper, RG 6, 58, 59, 62, 3C2V, 5C2V Coax Type

The CX-103 Professional Coaxial Cable Stripper quickly and easily strips coaxial cable to proper layers. Use for RG/U 6,..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


A.W. Sperry CX-111 - Scissors & Kevlar Cutters

A.W. Sperry CX-111 Coaxial Coax Cable Stripper, Metal

The CX-111 Professional Coaxial Cable Stripper from Sperry quickly and easily strips coaxial cable cable to proper layer..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


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