CKD GAMD312-X0714 Air-Operated Valve, Manifold/Branch Valve
Descriptions GAMD3*2
Working fluid Chemical liquids, pure water
Fluid temperature °C 5 to 90
Withstanding pressure MPa 0.9
Working pressure range (A —> B) MPa 0 to 0.3
Working pressure range (B —> A) MPa 0 to 0.1
Valve seat leakage cm3/min 0 (at, water pressure)
Back pressure 0 to 0.1
Ambient temperature °C 0 to 60
Frequency 30 times/min or less
Installation attitude Free
Connection ODØ10, Ø12 tube connection (fitting integrated type)
  OD3/8", 1/2 tube connection (fitting integrated type)
Orifice Ø6 to Ø10
Operation pressure range MPa NC/NO 0.3 to 0.5, double acting 0.3 to 0.4
Operation pressure connection port Rc1/8
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CKD GAMD312-X0714 Air-Operated Valve, Manifold/Branch Valve

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  • Brand: CKD
  • Model: GAMD312-X0714
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