New-Surplus Clauss NO-NIK NN 016 Wire Strippers are the best tool for removing insulation from solid or standard wire without nicking or scratching the conductor. The NN016 Wire Stripper has orange color-coded handles to make tool selection quick and easy.


Stripping apertures are accurate to -0", + 0.0005" (.0127mm).

Insulation being removed protects the conductor from the stripping blades. No adjustments needed; each tool is made to strip specific wire sizes. Handles are color-coded to tool size for easy identification. Ensure compliance with NASA and military specifications. This precision-made Clauss tool represents a major break-through in removing insulation from high-quality, coated conductors. Wire which formerly could only be stripped thermally because of the probability of nicking, can now be stripped mechanically using this tool with absolute reliability. However, efficient wire stripping is dependent upon the operator's understanding how the NO-NIK operates, selecting the proper tool for a given application and then using the tool correctly.

1. Plastic Heads: Make contact with the insulation; center and support the wire on both sides of the stripping blades.

2. Plastic Head Centering Device: Centers wire perfectly enabling precise insulation scoring and removal.

3. Back-Up-Blades: Support stripping blades in a "sandwich"; nest positively and "lock-up" when the tool is closed to maintain perfect concentricity.

4. Color-Coded Cushion Grip Handles: Each tool is made to strip specific wire sizes. Handles are color-coded by size of cutter holes for easy identification.

5. Stripping Blades: Fabricated of finest razor blade steel, score the insulation completely around the conductor. (Note that stripping blades should only score the insulation...NOT CUT COMPLETELY THROUGH IT exposing the conductor - see cross section illustration immediately above.)

6. Stripping Blade Diameter Marking and Indicating Arrow: Stripping blade diameter clearly marked on plastic head. Arrow indicates direction pressure should be applied when stripping.



Overall Length:



Strips Single and Stranded Wires

AWG Size:



0.0100-0.0126 (Single), 0.011-0.014 (Stranded)"




28, 30


Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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Clauss NN-016 NO-NIK Wire Stripper, 28 AWG, .016"

  • Item ID: 252775
  • Brand: Clauss
  • Model: NN016
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New-Surplus
  • $24.99

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