This used Colorado Video XY Crosshair Generator is in good physical condition with minor cosmetic scratches and powers on. Actual item shown. Sold as pictured.

Size: 1 23" x 8" x 8"
Mounting: Free standing (1 3/4" x 1" rack mount optional)
Construction: Solid state, PC Board
Power: 117 VAC, 60 Hertz
Input Signal: Video, composite, 1 V p-p
Output Signal: Video, composite, 1 V p-p
Operating Controls: AC Power: On/Off
Black/white: Selects black, off, or white line display
Indicators: AC Power
Connectors: BNC
Warranty 14-Day Warranty

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Colorado Video Inc 620 XY Crosshair Positioner

  • Item ID: 252917
  • Brand: Colorado
  • Model: 620
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $210.00

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