Computer Hard Drive Testing

Computer Hard Drive Testing

Equipment designed for hard disk drive testing.

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Guzik S1701MP, RWA-1632 PRML, ANA-961 PRML - Hard Drive Testing

Guzik S1701MP Hard Drive Spinstand w/Computer, RWA-1632 PRML, ANA-961 PRML

Please contact us for details if you are interested in these items. We are not experts on this type of equipment, and wi..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


HDI Instrumentation Hard Drive Testing SRA-FA, HDI SRA-FA Hard Disk Surface Reflectance Analyzer

HDI Surface Reflectance Optical Analyzer, SRA-FA /Wafer Disk Drive

We are unable to test this system and know nothing about it. Contact us if you wish specific tests done or require more ..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


Lotus Technologies 7100 - Hard Drive Testing

Lotus Technologies 7100 CSS Tester System

Lotus Technologies 7100 CSS Tester System. Not much is known about this system. It is believed to have been pulled from..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


Magnebit 2000x Atlas - Hard Drive Testing

Magnebit 2000x/Atlas Head Gimbal Gram Load Tester

Magnebit 2000x Atlas MR Gram Load Measurement System. These units are used in hard drive manufacturing to measure the g..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


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