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HDI Instrumentation SRA-FA Surface Reflectance Analyzer. Actual item shown, sold as pictured (wooden dolly not included). We are not experts on this type of equipment. This is an incomplete unit and has been significantly reduced in price. 

Available for local pick-up in Phoenix, AZ or freight shipping will be required. Palletizing charge applies.

Physical Condition Good
Testing Condition Untested


Multi-channel, full surface scans in less than 10 seconds

Patented temperature stabilized laser technology

Simultaneous S, P, Phase, and Scattered light acuisition

Optional Film/Texture Optics

Optional simutaneous phase contrast and scattered light detection

Optional integrated diamond scribe

Sub-Angstrom sensitivity to overcoat and lubricant variations

Magnetic Imaging

0.1 micron x 0.003 degree precision

3.2 micron resolution (optional 2.3 micron resolution)

Airbearing spindle with integrated vacuum clamp for fast load/unload of disks

Easy to use data acquisition software with:

Username access for variable privileges and a personalized environment

Macro programming

Pushbutton operation with auto-analysis for manufacturing process control

Automated system calibration

Extensive 16 bit image display and analysis package with v

x-y data display ("ring format") and r-theta data display ("flat format")

1d and 2d histogram and Fourier analysis of data

Image math, filtering, and flattening

Linegraphs, track and angular averaged data expressed in % reflectivity or Angstrom

Text and bitmap output options

Integrated data analysis package with user selectable limits for manufacturing process control of:

Overcoat thickness and optical properties

Substrate brightness and optical properties

Fourier and statistical uniformity analysis

Defect, stain, and handling damage detection

Typical Applications:

  • Failure Analysis
  • Lubricant flow and degradation
  • Micro wear and laser bump rim wear
  • Corrosion and contaminants
  • Head slaps and dings
  • Handling marks
  • Out of plane magnetic information
  • Overcoat Analysis
  • Thickness and thickness uniformity
  • Composition and composition uniformity
  • Radial and circumferential overcoat asymmetry analysis
  • Substrate Analysis
  • Brightness and brightness uniformity
  • Optical properties and uniformity
  • Surface Finish Anisotropy analysis
  • General Analysis
  • Texture uniformity
  • Contaminant and stain identification
  • Zone placement
  • Laser bump height variations
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HDI Instrumentation SRA-FA Wafer/Hard Disk Surface Reflectance Optical Analyzer

  • Item ID: 251197
  • Brand: HDI Instrumentation
  • Model: SRA-FA
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $146.85

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