This is used not been tested National Instruments 2 card of Daqcard-DIO-24HW Pluse Al-16XE-50 E series and 1 meter  cable. An item come in original box included  DIO-24,Al-16XE-50 E Series, 1 meters cable, NI-DAQ data Acquisition Driver software for Windows NEC, Windows 95/NT and Mac OS version 6.1. and User Manual.

An item will sale as show in pictured. 

Physical Condition Good
Working Condition Not tested
Testing Condition No Tested
Warranty 14-Day Warranty

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National Instruments Daqcard-DIO-24HW PCMCIA interface Pluse Al-16XE-50 E Series and 1 Meters Cable

  • Item ID: 254838
  • Brand: National Instruments
  • Model: DIO-24HW
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Pre-Owned
  • $350.00

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