The Corning Pyrex 600mL borosilicate glass Griffin-style, graduated, low-form beaker with spout has silk-screened markings and is designed for low-volume applications. This beaker is made of clear Code 7740 Type 1 borosilicate glass for durability, chemical- and temperature-resistance, and high mechanical strength under harsh conditions, such as mechanical washing.

Material Borosilicate Glass, Code 7740 Type 1
Capacity 600mL
Beaker Style Griffin
Graduation Range 100mL to 600mL
Graduation Interval 100mL w/ 50mL marks
Height ~123mm
Outer Diameter ~95mm
Specifications ASTM International E960


Physical Condition Excellent
Warranty Sold As-Is

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Corning Pyrex 600mL Graduated Low Form Griffin Beaker 1000-600

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  • Brand: Pyrex
  • Model: 600mL
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