This new-surplus Dual Manufacturing Company brass stackable sieve 200mm diameter with 3.5 inch opening stainless steel mesh. The opening size meets A.S.T.M. E-11 Standard Specification, U.S. Standard Sieve Series with ISO tolerances to 3310-1. Sold as pictured.

Products specifications

Mesh Number 3-1/2"
Height Type Half Height
Mesh Material Brass
Mesh Openings 90000 Micron 90 mm 3.5 in

Test Sieve 8 inch

Opening 3.5 inch

A.S.T.M. E-11

Frame Material: Brass

Mesh Material: Stainless Steel

Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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Dual Mfg Co. Sieve, 8" dia. - 90mm/3.5"/3-1/2"Mesh Brass

  • Item ID: 252835
  • Brand: Dual Manufacturing Co., Inc.
  • Model: 3.5 in.
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Unused Surplus
  • $25.00

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