EFOS N2000 Novacure Ultraviolet spot curing light source. This unit has a radiometer to regulate light intensity. One pole of the light guide is placed at the light source and the other is placed in the radiometer to adjust intensity and set reference. The pole inserted into the radiometer can then be used for curing at the set reference. Radiometer may need calibration to meet OEM specifications. We are unable to test the accuracy of the radiometer or calibrate it.

Lamp High Pressure 100 Watt Mercury Vapor Short Arc
Lamp Life 1000 hours (typical)
Removable Filters Standard: 320-500 nm
Optional: 250-450 nm, 365nm, 320-390 nm, 400-500 nm
Warm-up Period 3 minutes (typical)
Intensity Output 250-450 nm: 24,600 mW/cm^2
320-390 nm: 11,100 mW/cm^2
320-500 nm: 23,400 mW/cm^2
365 nm: 6,000 mW/cm^2
400-500 nm: 8,700 mW/cm^2
Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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EFOS/EXFO N2000 Novacure UV Spot Curing Light Source

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  • Brand: EFOS
  • Model: N2000
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