This is a lightly used Efos Novacure IR (infrared) lamp controller, model NI-8000. This controller comes with the lamp assembly, and was last calibrated in 1998, as noted on the Efos calibration sticker on the lamp unit. The light delivery module comes with a post mounting bracket for use with a 1.5 inch diameter post. The lamp has an active, standby, and off led, as well as the power on and off button, which all function during the power up test showing laser on. We did see red light emitted during lamp power on test.

Base comes with a remote jack, 3 I/O ports, and one RS-232 port. Software version shows 2.04 upon power up. All buttons on the base controller seem to funtion properly. No further testing has been done on this controller or lamp assembly.

Further Information found online:

The Efos company has introduced the Novacure® IR, a light spot-curing system for in-line curing of thermal epoxies. The system offers all the benefits of in-line spot curing — using conventional heat-cure adhesives — for a broad range of fiber optic and electronic-component manufacturing processes. Its built-in system intelligence and patented thermal-sensing and reporting features offer levels of precision, control and repeatability not possible with thermal batch curing.

This it is sold As-Is. Item is as shown in pictures.


Novacure IR NI-8000 Infrared Flood Curing System

  • 4.0 amp
  • 250 volt
  • I/O port x 3
  • RS-232 port x 1
Warranty Guaranteed Not DOA

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EFOS Novacure IR (Infrared) Lamp Controller NI-8000 with Light Delivery Module

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