Used, good condition, EG&G model CD301B Wavelength Calibrator. For calibration of GN Nettest CD300, PMD4, CD331. This unit is fitted with two FC style connectors. Unit has been successfully power-on tested. Actual item, sold as pictured.

Manufacturer's Description:

EG&G Fiber Optics model CD301B is used to calibrate its CD300 chromatic-dispersion measurement system and PMD4 and CD331 polarization mode dispersion measurement systems (now GN Nettest CD300, PMD4 and CD331). This calibration method results in a ۪.2-nm accuracy in the measurement of zero-dispersion wavelength and can also be used for calibrating optical-spectrum analyzers.

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EG&G Fiber Optics CD301B Wavelength Calibrator (GN Nettest CD300, PMD4, CD331)

  • Item ID: 251682
  • Brand: EG&G
  • Model: CD301
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $265.00

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