Several EFC-11 styles exist. Most are set up for using the Ericsson fiber holders. These are single clamp units and have the clamp on the right side. No fiber holder is included.  Ask about our dual clamp units available.

Also sold under the following brands: PK, York, Gn NetTest, Fujikura, Fitel, Newport and others. Same as EFC-11.

Manufacturer's Description:

The most revolutionary aspect of the EFC 11-4 is the ultrasonic cleaving action. The EFC 11-4 has the same technology as in the EFC 11 with a fiber holder platform to accommodate most splicers on the market today. A precision diamond blade is attached to a resonant acoustic-stepped horn. The ultrasonic horn resonance is started and maintained for the duration of the cleave by an electronic circuit. It is then automatically terminated to preserve battery life. The ultrasonically vibrating blade moves slowly towards the tensioned fiber on stictionless damped bearings. Cleaving takes place without the compressive stresses and blade intrusions into the fiber that is typical of conventional cleavers. This revolutionary new cleaving technique produces superb planar ends of mirror quality with no hackle.  

Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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Ericsson EFC 11-4 Ultrasonic Cleaver

  • Item ID: 250133
  • Brand: Ericsson
  • Model: EFC-11-4
  • Availability: Contact for Availability
  • Condition: Used
  • $995.00

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