• Ericsson - 30mm (Large) | Ericsson/Amherst 900um Fiber Holders, Large Pair 30mm

These are the large type of fiber holders. Not to be confused with the smaller, more common Ericsson fiber holders.They are compatible with some of the Fitel fusion splicers and the Ericsson splicers that use the large fiber holder which are less common, as well as some York/PK/Ericsson/GN Nettest ultrasonic cleavers.

Don't confuse these holders with the small Ericsson fiber holders. We have a high volume of these larger holders and are able to sell them individually, pair and quantity.

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Ericsson/Amherst 900um Fiber Holders, Large Pair 30mm

  • Item ID: 250102
  • Brand: Ericsson
  • Model: 30mm (Large)
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New-Surplus
  • $23.00

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