E-Tek MLDC-1001B Laser Diode Driver Module. Each LDD (laser diode driver) module has independent limit adjustments for LDC, LDV, and TEC plus shared adjustment of PD bias. Independent programmable control and monitoring of laser current, temperature and voltage.

Laser Diode Current Source  --------------------------------------------------
Output Current Range 300mA/ch (common LD anode)
LP/PD Current Set Resolution 14 bit
LD Current Accuracy +/-0.25 mA
Noise and Ripple < 5 pA rms (10 Hz ~ 100 kHz bandwidth)
Stability < 50 ppm (after one hour warm-up)
Thermoelectric Cooler Temperature Control  --------------------------------------------------
T.E. Cooler Current  2.OA cooling and heating/per channel
T.E. Cooler Voltage +/-0.5 - 6V ~ + 150C
Temperature Control Range -55Р~ + 150C 
Temperature Control Stability +/-0.05C
Thermistor Types Supported User programmable Steinhard Constants
10K (0, 25C (factory preset))
Photodiode (for loop back constant power control)  --------------------------------------------------
PD Bias Voltage 0 ~ -8 volts (adjustable)
PD Current Range 0 ~ 95 mA
Amplification Ranges 5 steps (auto-ranging)
Power (set for the appropriate range at the factory) 115V +5% / 60Hz or
220V +5% / 50Hz
Fuse 10A / 250V / 3AG
General  --------------------------------------------------
Operating Temperature 0C to 40C
Storage Temperature 40C to 70C
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E-Tek MLDC-1001B Laser Diode Driver Module

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