Fiber Optic Tools

Cleaning Products (32)
Dirty connectors Dirty connector end faces are one of the most common problems in an opt..
Cleavers (24)
Quality new and used cleavers from INNO, Fujikura, Fitel, Ericsson, Sumitomo, other  brands..
Hand Tools (53)
Hand Tools
Recoaters (5)
Fujikura, Ericsson, Vytran, accessories fiber optic recoaters.
Ribbonizing Tools (1)
Tools used for preparing fiber optic ribbon cable.
Fiber Optic Tools buys, sells, trades and rents new and used/surplus/refurbished fusions splicers, cleavers, recoaters, strippers, and fiber optic testing equipment such as OTDR's, VFL, fiber identifiers, talk sets, and other test equipment, optical fiber cable, connectors, and supplies.
Brands include INNO, Ilsintech, Fujikura, Fitel, Sumitomo, Ericsson, Corning, Vytran and various Chinese made splicers.