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The quality of FiberTool™ replacement cleaver blades is as good or better than the OEM elec..

Quality new and used cleavers from INNO, Fujikura, Fitel, Ericsson, Sumitomo, other  brands. For cleaving optical fiber cable. 

Be sure to check out our High-Quality Cleaver Blades.

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York FK12 - Cleavers

York FK12 Ultrasonic Angled Cleaver, 80-200µm

This FK12 ultrasonic angled cleaver is in good condition and fully functional. Actual item pictured. Cleaver is marke..

  • Condition: Used


INNO Instrument V8 - Cleavers

INNO V8 Precision Fiber Optic Cleaver

The V8 high precision fiber cleaver from INNO Instrument is a single step cleaver for cleaving optical fibers. It is a s..

  • Condition: New


INNO Instrument V7+ - Cleavers

INNO V7+ High Precision Cleaver with Auto-Collector

V7+ High Precision Cleaver with Auto-Collector is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. The V7+ can be install..

  • Condition: New


INNO Instrument V7 - Cleavers

INNO V7 High Precision Cleaver

V7 High Precision Cleaver is an instrument for high precision fiber cutting. V7 can be installed with a variety of holde..

  • Condition: New


INNO Instrument D1 - Cleavers

INNO D1 Fiber Cleaver, Automatic w/Fiber Collector

For 250um, 900um, flat and jumper/patch fiber cables with a durable blade lifespan of over 48,000 cleaves. INNO Instr..

  • Condition: New


INNO Instrument D2 - Cleavers

INNO D2 Fiber Cleaver

Universal fiber holder is applicable for 250μm fiber cable, 900μm fiber cable, flat cable and fiber jumper/patch cable. ..

  • Condition: New


Fujikura CT-07-MCI1 - Cleavers

Fujikura CT-07-MCI1 Cleaver

The Fujikura CT-07-MCI1 fiber cleaver is used for cleaving 3mm jacketed fiber. The CT-07 precision fiber optic cleaver i..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


Ericsson EFC-11-4 - Cleavers

Ericsson EFC 11-4 Ultrasonic Cleaver

Several EFC-11 styles exist. Most are set up for using the Ericsson fiber holders. These are single clamp units and have..

  • Condition: Used


Ericsson Cleavers EFC11-4, Ericsson EFC 11-4 Cleaver

Ericsson EFC11-4 Ultrasonic Cleaver

Refurbished Ericsson EFC11-4 Ultrasonic Cleaver. The cutting wedge is in good condition as is the tension system. This u..

  • Condition: Refurbished


Fujikura CT-30A - Cleavers

Fujikura CT-30A Fiber Optic Cleaver

These CT-30 Cleavers are high-precision, versatile, and light weight. Reliable and portable fiber preparation, the CT-30..

  • Condition: New

$995.00 $1,125.00

Fitel FK11-S391 Ultrasonic Fiber Optic Cleaver

Fitel FK11-S391 Ultrasonic Fiber Optic Cleaver

This used FK11-S391 ultrasonic fiber cleaver from Fitel is in great physical condition. The pre-load tension gauge locat..

  • Condition: Used

$975.00 $1,125.00

INNO Instrument V7FH - Cleavers

Inno Universal Fiber Holder for V7 Series Cleaver

This universal fiber holder for INNO’s popular V7 cleaver series accommodates 250µm, 900µm, 3.0mm fiber cable and flat c..

  • Condition: New


Fitel/Furukawa S321 - Cleavers

Fitel S321 Fiber Cleaver

This is a used Fitel S321 Single Optical Fiber Clever. This Fitel Optical FIber Cleaver is being sold As Is for parts on..


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