• Fuji Electric - FH4800C | Fuji 200-240Vac  Power Supply, FH4800C, Parts/Repair

The unit's internal circuit breaker trips the moment power is applied. The internal visible components looked good and did not show signs of shorting or burnt components. We were not able to get into the shielded section.


Input: 200-240 V AC
1 phase
50/60 Hz
32 A

Output: -55 V DC
100 A

5KWatt Power Supply.
Classification level 5: suitable for operating in 40 deg C ambient.

Warranty Sold As-Is

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Fuji 200-240Vac Power Supply, FH4800C, Parts/Repair

  • Item ID: 250763
  • Brand: Fuji Electric
  • Model: FH4800C
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $50.00

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