Please contact us for details if you are interested in these items. We are not experts on this type of equipment, and will provide information to the best of our ability.  Actual unit is shown, and sold as pictured. WILL PART OUT! If you don't need the entire unit we will consider parting it out to save on shipping. Palletizing or crating charge may apply.


  • S1701MP Hard Drive Micropositioning Spinstand
  • RWA-1632 320/Mbps PRML Read Write Channel Analyzer
  • ANA-961 + PRML Analog Channel
  • Asus Computer with Guzik RWA/XMIT card installed


STATUS: R/W head is damaged and will need replacement. Power supply and air box are not present. PC does not boot up.

  1. RWA 1632 Power up - fan is operational and this unit provides power to the ANA 961 + PRML.
  2. ANA 961 + PMRL power on tested and LED indicator is on.
  3. Spinstand S1701MP requires compressed air from the Guzik Air Box to supply the air for the air bearing, but was not present and therefore could not be evaluated.
  4. Asus computer with Guzik RWA/XMIT card installed does not boot up. The cause is not identified. There is no video output to monitor and continuous 1 second beeping pulses are heard.


Power connection to some electronics on the S1701MP system comes from the RWA 1632 unit. LEDs are lit on the pc board. The R/W head on the S1701MP Spinstand is damaged and cannot be fixed. There are several cables that connect to the spinstand unit that do not terminate on any of the parts we have that came with this system. The power supply cable for the Spinstand S1701MP unit is missing the power supply. There are also several BNC cables missing that need to go from the RWA 1632 to the Spinstand S1701MP unit.

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Guzik S1701MP Hard Drive Spinstand w/Computer, RWA-1632 PRML, ANA-961 PRML

  • Item ID: 252068
  • Brand: Guzik
  • Model: S1701MP, RWA-1632 PRML, ANA-961 PRML
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $335.00

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