This hp Test Set 37717B comes with options 1CW 8ZE A1T UHI, UH4, UKJ (s/n GB00000457)




This information is specific for options 1CW 8ZE A1T UHI, UH4, UKJ (s/n GB00000457):

Option 1CW 8ZE A1T UHI provides STM-0 and STM-1 Electrical interfaces.  When Option UH1 is fitted STM-1 Optical interfaces are provided. When Option 130 or 131 is fitted STM-1 and STM-4 optical interfaces are provided.  When STM1-1 Optical is selected, the STM-1 electrical output is also active.  The THRU mode capability allows you to overwrite the TU-2, TU-3, AU-3, TU12 and AU-4 payloads and the section overhead of the incoming STM-0/ STM-1/STM-4 signal.  Frequency offset of the SDH signal of 999 ppm is available.  Bulk Filled and Mixed payloads are available. If Option UKJ, Structured PDH, is fitted, DS1 and DS3 payloads are available and a 2 Mb/s, 34 Mb/s and 140 Mb/s Insert Port is provided. Bit errors can be added to the payload.Errors & Alarms can be added to the SDH signal.  AU and TU Pointer Movements can be added to the SDH signal and a graphical display of Pointer activity is available.Section and path Overhead bytes are user programmable and can be monitored and displayed in Hexadecimal or as 8 bit bytes. Selected overhead bytes can be transmitted with a programmed sequence of data.  Receive sequences can be captured and displayed. K4 and V5 overhead bytes can be accessed.  Allows BER testing of section and path overhead bytes.  Allows testing of MSP Linear and Ring architectures.  DCC Drop and Insert capability is included.  Allows Protection Switch time testing if Option UKJ, Structured PDH, is fitted.  Optical Power measurement is available.  Optical Clock stress capability at STM-1 and STM-4 is included.  Provides SDH Alarm Scan and Tributary Scan.

Options UKJ (USA) and UKN (USE), provide generation and measurement of Structured or Unstructured PDH at interface rates of 2.048 Mb/s (E1), 8.448 Mb/s (E2), 34.368 Mb/s (E3) and 139.264 Mb/s (E4). Structured test signal rates of 64 kb/s, 2.048 Mb/s, 8.448 Mb/s and 34.368 Mb/s are provided.  Frequency Offset can be added at the interface rates.  Line rate frequency can be measured.  Provides 75 W unbalanced or 120 W balanced input and output interfaces.  Allows selection of PRBS, WORD or USER patterns allows selection of Line Code AMI, HDB3 or CMI interface and test signal rates can be Framed or Unframed MUX connector allows a 2 Mb/s signal from external equipment to be inserted into the HP 37717C test signal.  DEMUX connector allows a 2 Mb/s signal from the HP 37717C to be Dropped to external equipment.  Option UKN (USE) also provides generation and measurement of PDH signals with ATM payloads.

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HP PDH/SDH/ATM Test Set, 37717B

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