Not much information is known about this product when it comes to whether it is a high pressure, hazardous location or general purpose valve. The outer diameter of the valve openings are 1.18in (30mm), and have an inner diameter 0.37in (9.30mm). The Pneumatic pathway has an outer diameter of 0.31in (7.9mm) and an inner diameter of 0.16in (4.15mm). The part number on the valve is CVO-KFKF-NCV; the item is in fair condition with some cosmetic wear. It is in working condition.

Valves  -----
Outer Diameter 1.18in (30mm)
Inner Diameter 0.37in (9.30mm)
Pneumatic Pathway  -----
Outer Diameter 0.31in (7.9mm) 
Inner Diameter 0.16in (4.15mm)
Dimensions 3.9in (W) x 1.75in (L) x 2.25in (H)
Warranty 14-Day Warranty

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HPS MKS (CVO-KFKF-NCV) 2-Way Vacuum Valve

  • Item ID: 253703
  • Brand: HPS MKS
  • Model: CVO-KFKF-NCV
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $95.00
  • $72.00

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