Parts/Repair Unit / Hybritech model 7744-S0046 Orbital Shaker.

Unit has been evaluated and is missing a fuse, it needs a 12 vdc @ 500ma power adapter with a 5.5 OD x 2.5ID coaxial power plug. The Shell is -, center is +. Motor is operational, easily repairable by replacing rubber belt. The shaker is in good cosmetic condition with some minor scratching and light wear marks.

Testing Info: Requires a 12vDC @ 500ma ac power adapter to operate. Power on tested. Motor is operational as is the shaker table. However the plastic band that connects from the motor to one of the table shaker pucks is broken. I used a rubber band to test the operation of the motor and shaker platform. The flexible plastic band measures about 4-1/4" diameter [Adding up all the broken pieces] and the band is 1/8" round to fit on the two pulleys inside the unit.


Volts: 12VDC

Amps: 500MA

Table: 9" x 9"

Adjustable from 0-400 RPM

Warranty 7-Day Warranty

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Hybritech 7744-S0046 Orbital Shaker

  • Item ID: 251876
  • Brand: Hybritech
  • Model: 7744-S0046
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $99.00

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