​This is an Infinimini RA/STD adapter, Proximity Series, includes parts, 251180, 211107, 250130, and 220568. This is a new item, and comes with an offical Infinity specifications sheet. Both lenses have protective covers.

  • InfiniMini Link: http://www.infinity-usa.com/downloads/OEM_Handbook/InfiniMini.pdf

Manufacturer Description for InfiniMini:

Revolutionary, internal-focusing video/machine vision lenses that offer a choice of four rear converter systems. When equipped with the Standard Converter, InfiniMini focuses directly from 750mm down to 150mm (30 in. to 6 in.) at 0.07x to 0.38x. With the IF Converter, InfiniMini focuses directly from infinity down to 314mm. Equipped with the SF Converter, InfiniMini can be utilized with video cameras having sensors 1/3 in. and smaller. The WA Converter is the same size as the SF Converter and operates from 550mm to 150mm and provides wide fields, particularly with 1/3-in., and smaller formats. Regardless of the converter used, InfiniMini progressively corrects its optical performance during focus. In fact, InfiniMini actually transitions between being a telescope and a microscope!

Input from machine vision specialists was taken into consideration during the design and development of InfiniMini, resulting in a truly innovative video lens with many unique features. Incorporating a patented Dynamic (internal) Focusing System (DFS™), InfiniMini always remains dimensionally-stable. InfiniMini's DFS system provides continuous spherical correction with progressive proximity to the subject. This means that InfiniMini improves its image quality where other lenses suffer aberrational defects. As InfiniMini is focused from anywhere within its focusing range, blurring is equal on both sides of a sharp focus-regardless of the selected working distance.

Item sold as shown in pictures.  Please call if you have any questions on this item.



Part 251180

RA/STD Converter

Part 211107 SR spacer and reference ring
Part 250130 InfiniMini industrial series body
Part 220568 LDL 2X lockable power module amplifier


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Infinity Photo-Optical InfiniMini RA/STD Adapter-Proximity Series

  • Item ID: 254050
  • Brand: Infinity
  • Model: InfiniMini RA/STD Adapter
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: New-Surplus
  • $690.00
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