• INNO View 30 Optical Multi Meter, VFL Equipped


The View 30 is a compact and light device, which can be handheld or placed in pocket. With its high accuracy, it can provide 6 calibration wavelengths and reference values. The attractive handheld shell of this instrument is designed in accord with the ergonomic requirements.

- Equipped with visual fault locator (VFL)
*VFL is used for rapidly detecting fiber link and locating breakpoint.

- 2 LED Lamps for dark environment

- Network cable / phone line test

- Power saving by automatic mode



Network cable/phone line test

The “Network cable/ phone line test” (NET) function is used in generic network wiring and for verifying the link condition of the network including the sequence of testing cable connection systems. The test will begin when you enable the “NET” function; the 8 indicators will show the sequence of testing cable connection systems.


This instrument is chargeable. The View 30 will warn you when the charge is running low. It is recommended that you start charging the battery soon after the low battery icon is displayed on the screen.


OPM Modes

Optical Power Meter

You can switch the measuring optical wavelengths

by pressing the “T” button under the function of “OPM”


LED Lamp

You can select continuous light mode or the flicker

 mode by pressing the “U” button under the LED function.


Visual Fault Locator (VFL)

You can select either the continuous laser mode or flicker laser mode,

both of which have a 2Hz frequency, under the function of “VFL” section





INNO Optical Multi Meter
Sensor Type InGaAs
Fiber Port Type Support 2.5mm universal fiber port (ST/ SC/ FC)
Calibration Wavelength 850/1300/1310/1490/1550/1625nm
Measuring Range +6 ~ -70dBm
Accuracy ±0.02dB
Linearity ±2%
Display Unit dBm, mW, uW
Output Power 1mW
Fiber Port Type 5Km single mode fiber
Laser Safety Level Class 2
Wavelength 650nm ± 20nm
Output Mode Permanent light, 2Hz, flicker
Battery Reverse Protect Yes
Cable / Telephone Line Test Port Type: RJ45, RJ11 joint ----- Applicable cable /Telephone line: UTP five type line, super five-type line, telephone line for two, four and six cores. ----- Maximum measuring range: 1Km
Operating Temperature -10°C~+60°C
Storage Temperature -20°C~+70°C
Relative Humidity < 90%, Non-condensation
Main Body Weight / Accessories Weight 127.5g / 28.5g
Main Body Size / Accessory Size 124H x 60W x 35D mm / 40.3H x 54W x 27.2D mm

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INNO View 30 Optical Multi Meter, VFL Equipped

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