Used, good condition, JDS/Fitel SC Series model SC0150-Z000487 Rackmount Programmable Fiber Optic Switch.




Insertion Loss Single-mode (SM): 0.4dB typical, 0.7dB maximum
Multimode (MM): 0.4dB typical, 0.7dB maximum
Return Loss SM standard/analog: =65 dB typical, 60/65 dB maximum
MM standard/analog: 25/35 dB typical, 20/30 dB maximum
Polarization Dependent Loss 0.02 dB typical, 0.05 dB maximum
Insertion Loss Stability ± 0.03 dB typical, ±0.05 dB maximum
Repeatibility Sequential switching: ±0.003 dB typical, ±0.005 dB maximum
Random switching: ±0.01 dB typical, ±0.025 dB maximum
Crosstalk (maximum) SM -80 dB
maximum Input Power (optical) 300 mW
Lifetime > 80 million cycles
Switching Time One channel: 300 ms
Each additional channel: 12 ms
Power Supply 100 to 240 V, 50 to 60 Hz
Power Consumption 100 VA maximum
Control Local and remote via GPIB and serial RS-232 interfaces
Drivers for external switch modules Four open collector drivers with maximum 100mA sink current
Warranty 30-Day Warranty

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JDS SC0150-Z000487 Programmable Fiber Optic Switch

  • Item ID: 251810
  • Brand: JDS Uniphase Corp. (JDSU)
  • Model: SC0150-Z000487
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $755.00
  • $604.00

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