JDS Uniphase 2212-4SLMD Argon laser system, 488nm. System has laser, power supply and fan. No controller is present, but is required to operate power supply and laser. We are unable to test this device and are offering it as-is as a parts unit for a low price.

Actual item shown, sold as pictured.

  Operating Non-operating
Temperature 4C to 40C -30C to 60C
Altitude 0 to 10,000 feet 0 to 70,000 feet
Relative Humidity (no condensation) 0 to 90% 0 to 100%
Shock 25g for 11msec 25g for 11msec

Technical Specifications were found for 2212-4SL,

Wavelength (nm) 488
Output Power (TEM00 mW) 500
Beam Diameter (1/e^2 points +/-5%, multimode +/- 15% mm) 0.62
Beam Divergence (TEM00 +/- 5%, multimode +/- 15% mrad) 0.95
Min. Polarization Ration 250:1
Beam Poiting Stability After Warm-Up (over shrs, +/-3*C) (urad) < +/-30
Warranty Sold As-Is

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JDS Uniphase 2212-4SLMD Argon Laser

  • $295.00

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