Cable interface for connecting to a JIPA (JumpTec Intelligent Panel Adaptor) Graphics Card LCD6. Unused new, old stock. Actual items shown. Sold as pictured.

Manufacturer Description:

Most Applications based on ETX CPU boards are using a graphical user interface as a display. Kontron has developed an easy to use solution to connect displays to different CPU boards. It is called JILI (JUMPtec Intelligent LVDS Interface). This interface was designed to support the display signals (data and control) and the power supply and control signals for the backlight converter. JILI is a hard/firmware solution consisting of a small PCB with two flat-foil cables, and a configuration file stored in an EEPROM soldered onto the JILI cable.Both the JILI cable and the configuration file are specific for the type of display used. The JILI configuration file is also specific to the graphic controller on the ETX Board. Example: a combination cable/configuration file can be used on ETX-P3 and ETX-P1 (both CPU boards are equipped with the same graphic controller – ATi Rage Mobility), but not with the ETX-P3e (S3 Savage4 graphic controller). For the ETX-P3e you can use the same cable as the ETX-P3 or ETX-P1 but a different configuration file has to be loaded in the JILI EEPROM.

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Kontron JUMPtec 93020-0000-00-0 Intelligent LVDS Interface Chip

  • Item ID: 254565
  • Brand: Kontron
  • Model: JUMPtec 93020-0000-00-0
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $45.00

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