Scales & Balances

Scales & Balances

Differences between a scale and balance: A scale measures weight or mass of an object. A balance compares a sample weight to a standard reference weight using a horizontal lever. Balances are also different in that a balance measures mass (or more specifically gravitational mass), whereas a scale measures weight. Originally balances were equal-arm balances where a weight was put on one side and a product was put on the other side. There was a comparison of mass between the two. Today, many balances are used as scales to measure the weight of a product. In short, a balance as a scale with a higher resolution.

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Ohaus LS5000 - Scales & Balances

Ohaus LS5000 Lab Balance

Ohaus LS5000 Lab Balance. AC or DC power can be used to power this device. AC adaptor is missing. Unit tested with 9V ba..

  • Condition: Used


Scientech Inc. ZSP 150 - Scales & Balances

Scientech ZSP150 Zeta Series Scale, 150g /0.001g

We do not have the power cord for this item so we are unable to test it. However, we do guarantee it to be fully fu..

  • Condition: Used


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