System includes a Spectra-Physics 166 Argon/Krypton Ion "Whitelight" Laser (serial number 3267-179) and a Spectra-Physics Exciter 265 (serial number 3319-937).  Part of the (beryllia ceramic tube model # 070-3, s/n 25485) glass tube is cracked/missing.  This system is from late 70s early 80s, we are unable to test due to the cracked glass parts and the electrical requirements exceed our facility resources.

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Spectra-Physics 166 Ion Laser w/ 265 Exciter

  • Item ID: 251657
  • Brand: Spectra-Physics
  • Model: 166
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $169.10

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