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  • FiberTool - LOOP-SCSCOM1SX | Loopback SC/PC - SC/PC Multimode 62.5/125um OM1, Simplex

SC Fiber Optic Loopback Plug, OM1​​​​​​ Multimode 62.5 micron loopback provides a compact return path for testing purposes or network restoration.

The loopback signal is used for diagnosing a problem by sending a loopback test to network equipment one at a time. Testing network equipment one piece at a time can isolate a problem. Loopbacks can be used to test that both transmitting and receiving channels are operating correctly. The insertion loss is equal to or less than 0.2dB. Return loss is equal to or greater than 35dB.

This loopback from FiberTool features an SC connector at each end. The core diameter of these OM1 multimode fiber loopbacks is 62.5 micron. The cladding diameter is 125 micron. The buffer diameter is 250 micron. The jacket diameter is 900 micron. Each loopback cable includes its specific testing results.


  • SC/PC connectors
  • Insertion Loss ≤ 0.2dB
  • Return Loss ≥ 35dB
  • Compact design
Optical Fiber
Fiber Count Simplex
Fiber Type OM1 Multimode 62.5/125um
Connector A SC
Connector B SC
Insertion Loss ≤ 0.2dB
Return Loss ≥ 35dB
Durability < 0.20 dB typical change, 500 matings
Repeatability ≤ 0.1dB
Storage, Operating Temp -40°C to +85°C
Warranty 90-Day Warranty

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Loopback SC/PC - SC/PC Multimode 62.5/125um OM1, Simplex

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