Vacuum Angle Valve, NW25 Pneumatic KAV-100-P-02, 1inch Port

Brand: MDC Vacuum Products 
Model: 311073-02
Reference No: KAV-100-P-02


  • Magnetic Reed - Switch Position Indicators  Option -02
  • Air Control Solenoid Valve   Option -03  and -09


Magnetic Reed - Switch Position Indicators  Option -02

MDC magnetic reed switches consist of four basic components: a glass capsule, a gas filler (the atmosphere inside the glass capsule), electrical contacts and two ferromagnetic reeds. 

The reeds are hermetically sealed into the glass capsule in a cantilever fashion so that the ends align and overlap, while maintaining a small gap between them. The floating end of each reed will assume opposite magnetic polarity when brought into the proximity of a magnetic field. When the magnetic flux density is sufficient, the attraction force of the opposing magnetic poles will overcome the reed stiffness causing them to flex towards each other and make electrical contact. Since these switches have no mechanical parts to wear out this operation can be repeated millions of times.

The characteristic life expectancy of these switches is rated at 100 million cycles, provided electrical ratings are not exceeded. 

Contacts normally open, 110-120VAC, 0.5 amperes and 10 watts maximum. MDC reed switch position indicators will operate at temperatures ranging from (-) 40°C to (+) 125°C.

Air Control Solenoid Valve   Option -03  and -09

Angle and inline valves fitted with standard electropneumatic actuators are equipped with Humphrey 310 or 410 series 120VAC 50/60Hz air control solenoid valves. Airopen / spring-close angle and inline valves use the 310 series solenoids, while the 410 series solenoid is used with the air-open / air-close angle and inline valves. AC/DC power consumption for this solenoid valve is 4.0 watts. 

24VDC and 240VAC solenoid valves are optional and available by adding the option numbers to the end of the specific angle or inline valve part number. All solenoid valves are fitted with DIN type connectors that conform to international standards. DIN connectors provide simplicity, convenience and fast, easy electrical installation. Solenoid valves come standard with push button / spring return manual override. The manual override is located at the top of the solenoid and identified by a prominent red push button.

Air control solenoid valves are designed for use with compressed air from 0 to 125psig. Media should be clean and uncontaminated. When in doubt, install a filter with a 40 micron filtering capacity. Periodically remove and clean or replace filter element.

Physical Condition Excellent
Working Condition Fully functional
Testing Condition Untested

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MDC Vacuum Angle Valve, NW25 Pneumatic 1", w/Reed Sw. & Solenoid 311073-02, KAV-100-P-02

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  • Brand: MDC
  • Model: KAV-100-P-02 | 311073-02
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