This is a used Melles Griot 17ANC005/MD XYZ W/ 3 Differential Micrometers. It looks like it is in very good condition and the (3) micrometers move smoothly.

Oriented with the name plate facing you, the color-coded micrometers control the following axes:

  • Red controls the X axis
  • Yellow controls the Y axis
  • Green controls the Z axis


Please contact us for details if you are interested in this item. Let us know if you would like specific tests performed, or additional pictures of the unit. We are not experts on this type of equipment, and will provide information to the best of our ability.

Warranty 90-Day Warranty

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Melles Griot 17ANC005/MD XYZ Stage W/ 3 Differential Micrometers

  • Item ID: 252561
  • Brand: Melles Griot
  • Model: 17ANC005/MD
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $715.00

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