Great condition, pre-owned Melles Griot Nanotrak model 17NTT001/MR Optic Alignment Stage Controller.


Scans and searches to find transmitted optical signal

Rapidly acquires a throughput optical signal

Maximizes the optical signal through constant adjustment of the appropriate position of the piezoactuators

Compensates for misalignments in y and z axis caused by interactions with adjustments in axial displacement, pitch, yaw, and roll as they are adjusted for optiman allignment and throughput power

Correct for positional changes caused by environmental disturbances such as temperature change and vibration

Counters bonding forces during pigtailing operation, eliminating erractic UV curing and other undersirable effects

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Melles Griot Nanotrak Optic Alignment Stage Controller

  • Item ID: 250519
  • Brand: Melles Griot
  • Model: 17NTT001/MR
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $365.00
  • $328.50

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