This used Motorized Polarizer Positioner is in good physical condition. It comes with Vexta Motor PX243MM-03AA and has a motor driven shutter. It comes with a Melles-Griot Dichroic Sheet Polarizer 03 FPG 003 but can be easily replace with mirrors of your choice. The unit is mounted vertically and can be used on an optical breadboard.



Wavelength Range 350–650 nm
Transmission (Ratio of Total Output to Total Unpolarized Input): ½(k1+k2) 32%
Open Transmission for Pair of Polarizers (H0) ≥20%
Extinction Ratio (H90) 1044 for visible white light, closed pair of polarizers
Useful Field Angle 90º (can be used at grazing incidence)
Diameter 80.25 mm
Thickness t ±0.5 mm
Surface Quality 80–50 scratch and dig
Motor Specification  

Vexta Motor PX243MM-03AA

0.9deg / 400 steps/revolution
12VDC @ 0.3A
Warranty Sold As-Is

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Motorized Polarizer Positioner w/Vexta Motor PX243MM-03AA

  • Item ID: 253298
  • Model: PX243MM-03AA
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  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $255.00

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