Newport NRC 600A-3 Optical Mount Assembly

*Mounting compatible with both Metric and Standard Newport tables

*7° range, up to 0.2 arc sec resolution

Included: 2" x 2.5" mounting block w/ five 1/4-20 threaded holes and four recessed through holes.


The 600A-3 Precision Kinematic Optical Mount is designed to offer even greater versatility and functionality. The mount possesses sound mechanical designs, including hardened inserts at the contact points of the kinematic mount. For higher resolution, the standard SM-13 micrometers can be replaced with 100 TPI AJS Adjustment Screws or DM-13 Differential Micrometers. For automated applications, the 600A-3 is compatible with all of Newport's motorized actuators. The 600A-3 holds 3 inch diameter mirrors directly.


Model 600A-3
Type Center Mount
Optic Diameter 3.0 in. (50.8 mm)
Mechanism Kinematic
Adjustments ?x, ?y
Use Research
Drive Type Micrometer
Angular Range ±7°
Base Material Aluminum
Adjustment Screw Thread 50.8 TPI
Optical Axis Height 3.17 in. (80.5 mm)


The SM-13 Vernier Micrometer is a standard drive for most Newport stages, and our most popular manual actuator. The SM-13 has a 13 mm travel range and a 9 lb load capacity. The SM-13 has a 0.5 mm pitch (50.8 TPI) threads and read directly in increments of 10µm, with vernier reading of 1µm.

Model SM-13
Actuator Type Micrometer
Travel 0.51 in. (13.0 mm)
Sensitivity 1.0µm
Drive Type Knob
Load Capacity 9 lb (40 N)
Adjustment Screw Thread 50.8 TPI
Pitch 0.5 mm
Graduations 10µm
Vernier 1µm
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Newport NRC 600A-3 Optical Mount Assembly

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