This pair of NSK WF 10x eye pieces has been properly cleaned and inspected. When tested with a Titan Monocular Microscope, and a Meiji Microscope (w/ ring light guide), it displayed the test sample very clearly. The eye pieces may have a small amount of cosmetic wear, but nothing that would ever affect the functionality. The facing lens of the eyepiece measures at 16.00mm, and the inner diameter of the hole at the end is 22.46mm. The top portion is 29.00mm in diameter and ~23.00mm long, and the inserting half of the eyepiece has a diameter of 24.90mm with a length of ~19.95mm. The total length is ~42.98mm long.

Physical Condition Good
Working Condition Fully functional
Testing Condition Fully Tested

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NSK WF 10x Microscope Eye Piece Pair

  • Item ID: 254510
  • Brand: NSK
  • Model: WF 10x
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Used
  • $55.00

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