This Omnitronix OFG 8019 AM/FM Function Generator is physically in very good condition. The appearance is almost like new. We are not experts and have been able to only partially test this item. There is no output measured on any of the wave functions when measured at the various BNC connectors with a meter at low frequencies. The display is operational but does not show any values in the 1 to 100khz range when the various range buttons are pushed. There is some display activity in the 1M position when the Frequency knob is rotated. We are offering this unit as a parts/repair unit only. Actual item is pictured, and unit is sold as shown. Please contact us if you are interested in purchasing this item or would like any specific tests performed.


117v, 60hz

Warranty Guaranteed Not DOA

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Omnimetrix OFG-8019 AM/FM Function Generator

  • Item ID: 250859
  • Brand: Omnitronix
  • Model: OFG8019
  • Availability: In Stock
  • Condition: Parts/Repair
  • $39.00

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