Optical Test Equipment

Attenuators (3)
Optical amplifiers and attenuators used in testing.
Fiber Light Sources (17)
Tunable, broadband, Diode, LED, SLED, laser light sources, fiber optic light sources. ..
Fiber Microscopes (11)
Inspect endfaces of connector ferrules for scratches, cleanliness and polish to avoid poor ..
Interferometers (1)
All manufacturers.
Meters (25)
All fiber optic test & optical test equipment manufacturers.
Optical Loss Test Sets (16)
Singlemode, multimode and quad test sets.
OTDRs (32)
All manufacturers
PMDs (1)
Equipment for analyzing PMD.
Sensors & Detectors (1)
All manufacturers
Spectrum Analyzers (2)
All manufacturers.
Talks Sets (1)
Talks Sets
Visual Fault Locators (6)
Fiber optic visual fault locators (VFL).
Other Optical Test Equipment (16)
Miscellaneous accessories, adapters, parts and more.
Optical Test Equipment
Optical Test Equipment