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Omnichrome 100 - Lasers

Omnichrome Model 100 HeCd Laser Controller

Omnichrome Model 100 HeCd Laser Controller Omnichrome was bought out by Melles Griot in 1997, these are laser contro..

  • Condition: Used


Optocom OPT3395-3.3-FC - Lasers

Optocom OPT3395-3.3-FC Lightwave Transmitter

  Optocom OPT3395-3.3-FC Lightwave Transmitter for OC-24/STM-8 with FC connectors ..

  • Condition: New-Surplus


SDL FL10 - Lasers

SDL FL10 FiberLaser

This used SDL FiberLaser FL 10 is in good physical condition. ..

  • Condition: Used


Spectra-Physics 166 - Lasers

Spectra-Physics 166 Ion Laser w/ 265 Exciter

System includes a Spectra-Physics 166 Argon/Krypton Ion "Whitelight" Laser (serial number 3267-179) and a Spectra-Physic..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


Thorlabs HRR005S - Lasers

Thorlabs 632.8nm Helium-Neon SC Laser Parts/Repair

Thorlabs 632.8nm Helium-Neon SC Laser Parts/Repair Powers up but laser does not come on. ..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


Xerox 05-LHR-551 - Lasers

Xerox Helium Neon Laser 05-LHR-551

Xerox He/Ne (Helium/Neon) Laser 05-LHR-551 Not much is known about this item except that it is approx 15" long..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


JDS Uniphase Corp. (JDSU) 2212-4SLMD - Lasers

JDS Uniphase 2212-4SLMD Argon Laser

JDS Uniphase 2212-4SLMD Argon laser system, 488nm. System has laser, power supply and fan. No controller is present, but..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


Melles Griot 06DLD203 - Lasers

Melles Griot Precision Diode Laser Driver Model 06DLD203

The Diode Laser Drive has microprocessor-driven-low-noise current sources as well as precision temperature controllers. ..

  • Condition: Used


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