Base Positioners (16)
Bases such as multi-axes tilt platform, kinematic bases, magnetic kinematic bases, single a..
Breadboards & Tables (1)
SurplusEQ usually has a variety of excellent optical tables, table tops, optical breadboard..
Controllers & Drivers (6)
Controllers for motorized stage positioners include: DC motors, controller drivers, adapter..
Fiber Mounts & Positioning (3)
Fiber Mounts & Positioning
Goniometers (2)
Manual and motorized Goniometer .
Irises, Apertures & Shutters (1)
Irises, Apertures & Shutters
Linear Stages (53)
Linear-motion slides designed to provide low-friction free motion in one dimension. ..
Micrometers & Hardware (11)
Adjustment screws include precise and micrometer screws, thin and mini micrometers, compact..
Motorized Actuators (2)
Motorized positioners include: motorized mirror mounts, motorized vertical and horizontal t..
Multi-Axis Stages (xyz/xy) (11)
Multi-axis stages include X-Y and X-Y-Z stages.
Optical Mounts (55)
Optical mounts and holders of all kinds, including manual and motorized. Adjustable an..
Other Optomechanics (9)
Other Optomechanics
Post & Holders (27)
Bases and items for mounting to a base include: standard rods, collar, rod translators, rod..
Rails & Carriers (11)
Accessories for opto-mechanics assemblies including steel or aluminium optical rails and sl..
Rotation Stages (3)
Rotation and rotary optical stages, including manual and motorized actuation. ..
Vertical & Lift Stages (3)
Vertical & Lift Stages

Optomechanics are used to provide a variety of mounting or positioning options for a wide range of optical applications. Optomechanics include optical mounts, optical breadboards or tables, translation stages, or other components used to construct optical systems. Optical mounts are used to secure optical components, while optical breadboards, laboratory tables, or translation stages can create work spaces in which components may be stabilized or accurately positioned. Optomechanical components provide stability as well as accuracy to mounted optical components to increase the efficiency of optical systems.
We carry a large stock of refurbished, used and new-surplus optomechanical equipment, including manual and motorized stages and actuators, base positioners, breadboards, bases & mounts and optical tables, optial laser mounts, holders and brackets, hardware, parts and assemblies and so much more. See also Optics and Photonics equipment.