Optomechanic Base Positioners

Optomechanic Base Positioners

Bases such as multi-axes tilt platform, kinematic bases, magnetic kinematic bases, single axis tilt stage, adjustable height platform that are designed for horizontal positioning of groups of units.

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Burleigh N/A - Base Positioners

Burleigh Gimbal Mount Support Bracket

This item is a right-angle support bracket for the Burleigh 2-inch gimbal mounts. It is unmodified and in great conditio..

  • Condition: Used


Data Optics 2103 - Base Positioners

Data Optics Adjustable Stage Carrier, PN: 2103

Nice, Data Optics model 2103 Adjustable Stage Carrier.  3.5" Carrier with four additional 1/4-20 tapped holes on 2" x 4"..

  • Condition: Used


Micro Controle N/A - Base Positioners

Micro-Controle 59mm x 50mm Translation Stage w/ 18mm Travel (No Micrometer)

This translation stage is in great condition with minor scratches on the top portion. It is made of steel with M3 thread..

  • Condition: Used


Micro Controle Undetermined - Base Positioners

Micro-Controle Lever Magnetic Base (4.75in x 4.75in)

This magnetic base is in good condition with some cosmetic wear. The magnet is in a 2.5in threaded hole and moves toward..

  • Condition: Used


Newport 34 - Base Positioners

Newport 34 Rotatable Platform, Mounts Components at Arbitrary Angles

This used Newport 34 rotatable rod platform is in very good condition. Manufacturer Description:  The 34 Rotatable..

  • Condition: Used


Newport 9039 - Base Positioners

Newport 9039 Pint-Sized 90 degree Adapter

This used Newport 9039 Pint-Sized 90 degree Adapter is in good physical condition. These adapters are commonly used on a..

  • Condition: Used


Newport AMB-2 - Base Positioners

Newport AMB-2 Adjustable Mounting Base

This is a lightly used Newport AMB-2 adjustable mounting base. The top plate slides along the groove on bottom of plate ..

  • Condition: Used


Newport B-2 - Base Positioners

Newport B-2 Aluminum Optical Mounting Base 3 X 2 X 3/8 Inch

This is a Newport B-2 Aluminum B-2 base. This is made of black anodized aluminum, and has three 1/4" non-threaded holes,..

  • Condition: Used


Newport BK-3  - Base Positioners

Newport BK-3 Kinematic Locking Bottom Plate

Used but in good condition. ..

  • Condition: Used


Newport EQ50-I - Base Positioners

Newport EQ50-I Aluminum Inner Bracket

A EQ50-I Bracket in good condition designed to be compatible with UMR5 stages. The larger holes have an inner diameter o..

  • Condition: Used


Newport 30 - Base Positioners

Newport, NRC Model 30 Aluminum Rotary Adapter, Rotation Range of 70 Degree's

This is a lightly used Newport Model 30 aluminum rotary adapter, with a rotation range of 70 degrees.  Manufacturer D..

  • Condition: Used


NRC (Newport) BU-P - Base Positioners

NRC Newport BU-P Universal Base

This used BUP Optical Universal Base by NRC is in fair condition. The NRC Newport BU-P Post Mount Base can be used with ..

  • Condition: Used


OptoSigma MB-L-65C-M6 - Base Positioners

Optosigma MB-L-65C-M6 Magnetic Base

The Optosigma MB-L-65C-M6 magnetic base was designed to provide flexibility in positioning. They have high holding force..

  • Condition: Used


Thorlabs BA2 - Base Positioners

Thorlabs BA2 Aluminum Mounting Base, for 1/2 Post Holders

This is a used Thorlabs BA2 aluminum mounting base. Used for 1/2 post holders. This comes with the 1/4 non-threaded hole..

  • Condition: Used


Thorlabs PB2 - Base Positioners

Thorlabs PB2 Threaded P-Series Base for a 1.5 inch Dia Post

This used Thorlabs PB2 post base is in good condition and ready for use in any lab. ..

  • Condition: Used


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