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Other Optomechanic Devices

Other Optomechanics

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Continental None - Other Optomechanics

Continental Optical Corp Laser Optical Mount Dial, 0-355

This used Laser Manual Rotary Stage by Continental-Shuron is in good condition and comes in the original manufacturers..

  • Condition: Used


Unbranded Motorized - Other Optomechanics

Motorized Linear Positioning Stage Y Axis Deflector

This motorized linear positioning stage Y axis deflector is in good physical condition. It comes with a linear stage pos..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


 PX243MM-03AA - Other Optomechanics

Motorized Polarizer Positioner w/Vexta Motor PX243MM-03AA

This used Motorized Polarizer Positioner is in good physical condition. It comes with Vexta Motor PX243MM-03AA and has..

  • Condition: Parts/Repair


NRC (Newport) 2 inch - Other Optomechanics

NRC (Newport) 2 inch Two Axis Tilt Stage

This used NRC (Newport) 2 inch Two Axis Tilt Stage is in good physical condition. It has 8 holes that fits 8/32 screws. ..

  • Condition: Used


OptoSigma Unknown - Other Optomechanics

Opto Sigma Fixed-Angle Rack and Pinion X-Axis Stage

Stage features single X-axis with 36mm range in 1mm graduations on a 20° fixed-angle base. Unit has smooth rack and pini..

  • Condition: Used


Oriel 71304 - Other Optomechanics

Oriel Model 71304 Flanged Spacer Tube, 1.5 Inch Dia, 100mm Length, Quick Connect

This used Oriel Model 71304 Flanged Spacer Tube is made of anodized aluminum and has minor scratches due to normal wea..

  • Condition: Used


Thorlabs PCB-1064-2.5 - Other Optomechanics

Thorlabs OFR PCB-1064-2.5 Rotating Linear Polarizer Module with Base

The Thorlabs OFR PCB-1064-2.5 rotating linear polarizer module with base shows some minor corrosion on rotation wheel...

  • Condition: Used


Melles Griot 07TEZ204 - Other Optomechanics

Melles Griot 07TEZ204 Vertical Stage, 10mm travel

This vertical stage by Melles Griot provides 10mm of travel with lockable positioning within that range. It is in very g..

  • Condition: Used


Micro Controle Undetermined - Other Optomechanics

Micro-Controle Gimbal Mount w/ xy Stage, Pitch & Yaw (Tilt Lock)

This gimbal mount was made by Micro-Controle and has two linear stages beneath it. It has mobility on the X and Y axis a..

  • Condition: Used


Parker Daedal 315082ATES - Other Optomechanics

Parker Daedal 315082ATES XY Open Frame Table with Compumotors, 8 Inch Travel

This a used Parker Daedal XY motorized stepper stage, model 315082ATES. This table has a top work space size of 15" X 15..

  • Condition: Used


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